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Social Housing

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Partnering with Nationwide

The experience gained since our establishment in 1986, and our founding policy of continual investment and commitment to training and product development, have ensured that Nationwide is ideally placed to meet the expectations and aspirations demanded by local authorities and housing associations in the current climate. We recognise that our clients' reputations and success relies on their tenants' satisfaction many of whom have diverse and specialist needs. Taking the formalised collaborative partnering approach, Nationwide recognises the benefits of strategic partnerships, and we fully endorse the open book practice and responsible business philosophy that such partnerships engender.

In developing our strategy to successfully deliver partnership agreements we recognise the importance of all aspects of the partnership and have specific expertise in all areas of the process:-


Working closely with our prospective clients, our finalised proposal documents are both exhaustive and innovative, as we do not believe in imposing a blue print, generic methodology to our operations. Our pre-contract review ensures that we identify and meet all of our responsibilities and that we provide a fully comprehensive solution that enables our clients to make informed decisions, with the confidence that Nationwide will deliver all that is required.

Having established a fully documented tendering and contract management system, we are able to respond quickly and confidently to all tenders received, in the knowledge that our business is geared to delivering top quality products which are designed, manufactured installed and guaranteed to the highest industry standards.

Financial Management

Financial Management is key to the successful delivery of not just the tender, but the whole project. Our Financial Systems are fully integrated with our Project Management, Manufacturing, Installation Scheduling and Quality Management systems, which gives us the confidence and financial strength to be able to deliver large scale projects.


The successful delivery of large scale projects requires attention to detail at all stages of the process. Our adoption of sophisticated project planning techniques gives the depth of planning needed to fully control and deliver the programme. With full control of our own high tech manufacturing plant, we can fully control all aspects of the production and delivery process.


Our experience of delivering large projects has given us a clear understanding of the necessity to adequately resource all aspects of the programmes. We have the experience within our Management Team to understand and plan for appropriate resource levels. Wherever possible we will establish depots local to the client to establish a local presence and have less impact on the environment, and will always look to employ local employment.


As with all operations of our business, we operate to all of the latest industry standards. We are heavily involved with all aspects of industry related legislation and are fully committed to delivering all of our projects to the highest standards. Any changes in legislation or standards can be successfully incorporated into any ongoing or new programme.

Our accreditations

Health & Safety

As a responsible employer we are fully committed to ensuring that we operate our business to established stringent Health and Safety guidelines. Our Health and Safety policy covers all site operations, and is adhered to in all our places of operation.

Our accreditations


We accept full and total responsibility for our policies and actions, and encourage maximum dialogue and liaison with our partners on all aspects of the programme in order to ensure the smooth running and satisfactory conclusion of all contracts. Our Management Team are fully aware that regular communication is key to delivering a successful Partnership Agreement.

Nationwide firmly believes partnering should not be confused with other project management techniques, and we place firm emphasis on setting and striving for mutual objectives, building mutual trust, benchmarking performance to KPIs and a systematic approach to problem resolution.